The Footballers took it really badly

Hilary Nunns 0 Comments

During late summer I worked with an organisation who provide anti-racism talks to schools around the country.

Trainers are from (mostly) a football background, whether high profile players or coaches.  It was such an interesting day with them, because the reasons for the need of classroom strategies became clear.

In the world of high discipline training schedules during a football career, followed by after-dinner speaking engagements, and perhaps an element of sycophantic followers, you have a captive audience.  Nobody thinks you are DOING this talk to them – far from it!  Many will have paid good money for the privilege of being in the same room.

So with that background, nothing can prepare you for a class of young teenagers.

In their sessions at schools, the trainers were finding it difficult to maintain ‘control’ of difficult (low level) behaviour.

“They don’t listen to what we say” was part of the problem, “I get really...