You’re late, why should we wait?

Hilary Nunns 0 Comments

You’re late, we’ll wait?   In my beloved FE sector, there are teachers/lecturers who fall into two parties - the “do’s” and “do nots” - when it comes to starting class on time.

If a timetable states that a class starts at 9am, at 2.30pm or at 6.30pm, that is the time that the class starts.  Yes?

In FE we pride ourselves on being the last bastion of defence before real life sets in for learners who’d like to do well in their chosen career.  We also have adult learners who are retraining, upskilling or just plain and simply enjoying learning something new.

But a class start time is a class start time.  So why the dilemma?

I was recently interviewed for a radio discussion about lateness and timekeeping generally, in the education sense.   The debate ensued because Hampshire County Council had...