Sometimes it doesn’t work

Hilary Nunns 0 Comments

If your classroom behaviour management isn’t working, and the behaviour in class is stopping learning, don’t give up.  Too often I hear people say “I tried that, it didn’t work” or “I’m never doing that again”.

But let’s face it, not every single one of your techniques will work for each of your students.  There are various tactics to be played out for different scenarios.  If you really are of the belief that there’s nothing else you can do with THAT class, you should get your coat and go.

Assuming that you’re willing to start each new class as a clean slate, forgetting previous misdemeanours, I recommend digging deep into your behaviour toolkit and looking for a separate approach.

It might be a strategy that you’ve used many years ago but now have put to one side.  Or it could be that you’ve had a recommendation but haven’t yet engaged with the idea,...