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Whispering and Texting

(And that’s just the teachers……)

We can learn a lot from 5 year-olds. Due to being in an environment of predominantly 14 – 19 year olds (and adult learners) it’s easy to forget the easy, no-nonsense honesty that comes from these younger students. So when I observed a child asking a teacher why they were using their phone when in class, it struck a chord with me.

And I’ll tell you why.

I am regularly in ‘class’ with a room full of teachers. You’d be surprised how many of them talk over me, use their phones arbitrarily, whisper to each other, and are generally off-task at times.

Why do you think this happens? Well I’m aware that sometimes it’s a test; “What will she do” or “How will she deal with it”…. but it’s genuinely an interesting scenario, given that this low-level disruption is the one topic that I am asked...