A lost cause? Maths in the 1970s

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Last evening our discussion in #ukfechat on Twitter was around lesson observations and grading of those lessons.  I've always believed that poor teaching can hide and I am certain that I was on the receiving end of this during my early years in secondary school.

Maths became a challenge because my teacher, Mrs Terry, didn’t reach me.  It didn’t help that we were in a temporary classroom (fondly referred to as the Cow Shed) which was freezing or boiling in nonsensical patterns.

But I distinctly remember sitting eagerly in the front row when I was in year 7, keen to learn and ready to absorb.

But Mrs Terry and I lost focus in year 8, I did lose my grasp of the subject and we never recaptured it into year 9.  It was an agonising three years for both of us.  As time went on and I became further behind, the more she ignored me. ...