Goalsetting – any fire in your belly?

Hilary Nunns 0 Comments

Like many other people, at the start of the year I always like to set myself some targets, whether it’s to improve my health, give something up (ie wine, which I’m doing this month!), whether it’s to increase my written output, professional goals – you name it! 

But for 10 days now, as I have been driving to the office and thinking about goal-setting, I have been watching a man jogging.   He’s obviously just taken up this activity; he is larger than average size and weight, he hasn’t been going very fast, and to be honest it looks like it is a bit of an ordeal.  Also this man doesn’t wear what I would call special running gear, you know the kind of swaggy lycra neon look (or am I stuck in the 80s...). 

Anyway.... the first time I saw him he looked decidedly out of his comfort...