Working with learners with ADHD?

Hilary Nunns 0 Comments

I work extensively with teachers and support staff to bring about changes in approaches for learners with ADHD.  It's inspiring to see so much good practice, particularly when there's a willingness to share.

Here are some interesting strategies for managing behaviour issues, collated from a recent training event.  The behaviours are consistent with ADHD and some really good ideas were offered:

Behaviour: Angry with him/herself – fluctuating emotions

  • Speak to him/her and acknowledge that you can see he/she is angry
  • Focus on what he/she has done well
  • Stay calm
  • Listen (give him/her a chance to talk - social stories)
  • Time-out
  • Emotional literacy game

Behaviour: Restlessness

  • Regular breaks – go for walks/outside the classroom – 3 minutes to talk about the subject - everything you know
  • Activities in lesson (hands-on)
  • Clear tasks and roles
  • Shorter lesson structure/change of pace
  • Consider a quick change to work in groups
  • Stress ball
  • Doodle...