Immediate or Deferred Consequences?

Hilary Nunns 0 Comments


I meet teachers in FE who bemoan the lack of instant ‘disciplinary’ processes such as detention or temporary exclusion.


In college, while it’s important that students toe the line behaviourally (after all, it’s what we expect in society is it not?) I believe it’s also essential to use all other options available before getting down and dirty with the punishment.


Why do I think this?  By the time a person reaches 16 and enters college, and if their conduct is not quite the ticket, they will have been punished many times already.  Did it work?  Probably not.  So the classroom-hater on your course is not going to change unless they have a different experience.


Sometimes if a student is hard to teach, is playing the fool, shouting out, refusing to work, the emotion which rises in me is “HOW DARE YOU”.   But should it pierce the surface and explode in front of...