What shall I do when students ……… >>>

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Questions taken from a training day, these were specifically discussed during an activity and solutions from each group were offered.

Are rude?

  • Individual behavioural contract
  • Show examples: e.g. Basil Fawlty, The Office to demonstrate
  • Student input into class rules – use these as a reminder when student is rude
  • Withdraw from audience, quiet word – “it makes me feel.....” if you continue there will be a consequence
  • Check – do all teachers experience this? What are the triggers?

Are late to class with a grand entrance?

  • Ignore/give attention
  • Arrange a late table for late students with activity set up for them (avoids performance of lateness)
  • Suggest student uses phone alarm to help indicate when he should be in class
  • Prepare behavioural/attendance targets
  • Create a fun activity at start to encourage punctuality – something UNMISSABLE

Talk over each other and me

  • Make use of structured debate with modelled ground rules
  • Use of non-verbal displeasures cues and not acknowledging...