Month: October 2012

BESD in Post-16 Mainstream Education

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BESD in Post-16 Mainstream Education

You wouldn’t send someone into a risky environment without proper health & safety training would you? Yet every day we ask staff in Further Education to work with students who have a variety of behaviour disorders without the proper preparation. It’s barmy!

FE classrooms can be a risky environment. Learners moving ‘up’ at age 16 are not required to disclose any SEN (although the majority usually do).  However if a learner has a BESD it is highly probable that they will conceal their chequered educational past, in the belief that revealing this could harm their educational prospects.

Specialist ADHD researcher Russell Barkley states:

35% of ADD/ADHD teenagers get suspended from school
35% of ADD/ADHD teenagers drop out of school

Students in Further Education who received support from School Action Plus or intensive SEN intervention (or those who have been through the PRU system) in their previous school careers, continue to...

How can an Egg Timer help you win the war?

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I meet a lot of teachers in FE who shy away from group work because of the carrolling and shepherding that's needed.  In some lessons it's just blimmin' hard work and there's not enough time, right?  You've got a MOUNTAIN of stuff to do and it's better if everyone just gets on with it.  But research has shown conclusively that group work in class significantly raises co-operation, increases engagement and improves learning.  So what does that have to do with Egg Timers....?

If you have time constraints, use whatever it takes to keep on track.  Each working group could have their own egg timer on the table.  Nominate a time keeper for each group.  When there's only 5 minutes left for the activity to be completed, the nominated time keeper turns over the egg timer and counts down.

Another use for an egg timer is to have times for absolute quiet in the class. ...

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