Attention, Prevention, Retention

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We're in the 'ention' phase: Attention, Prevention, Retention

So, in the last week of September - two or three weeks into term - and the cracks may be starting to show...... I'm sure by now you will have begun to see the different types of students who will grace your classes in college. Some will need a bit more attention than others, preventative 'behavioural' measures will be tested to the limit, and the all-important CENSUS takes place in a few weeks. We then land into the retention phase.  Let's face it, it feels like a re-run of every other year so far.

BUT! Does it have to be?

If behaviour is starting to get in the way, now's the time to get onto it quickly by getting back to the agreed classroom rules; keep it open for discussion. Threats of disciplinary proceedings without follow- through will soon make your credibility drop. So it's best to...