Month: January 2012

Creating Classroom Conflict

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I’ve just found a document from a training session with college LSAs.   We were examining how our own behaviours can have a serious impact on the behaviour of others.  In particular, we discussed how some of our own actions can actually create conflict.  Sometimes we can bring our own brand of inappropriate behaviour to a situation, and then wonder why things become heated.

The activity, shared with me by a former colleague who had previously attended some behaviour training from Dave Vizard (, was contextualised for the classroom.

Summary points from the activity:

Activity:               List 3 ways in which you could create conflict

  • Bad body language
  • Verbal put downs
  • Consistently interrupting the other person
  • Humiliate students by comparing them
  • By ignoring or excluding students
  • Criticising students in front of peers
  • Belittle or embarrass a student
  • Taking inappropriate remarks from SEN learners personally and reacting angrily
  • Label the person (ie “you always do that”  “you never listen”)
  • Make personal remarks (ie “you are...

Black Monday? Terrific Tuesday

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I love Tuesdays.  It's the day when I know exactly where I'm going to be and with whom.  As a freelance consultant that's quite a luxury, but on Tuesdays I spend all day at a large Further Education college where I work with learners who face considerable barriers to their ongoing education.


Having 'stepped off the edge' in 2010 from a life of teaching and managing a behavioural support department, I spent very little time with learners for 6 months.  On it's own that might not seem to be a problem, but spending time in classrooms with learners who have their fair share of behaviour issues has become a way of life, and one which I missed.


Mostly I work with teachers and classroom assistants, sharing strategies and pedagogy for a positive and calm classroom.  ADHD – Teaching and Support Techniques in the Classroom | Can Do Courses


So in between this...

Web Savvy Senior Citizens

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In November 2011, Esther Rantzen wrote an article, published in the Telegraph, in which she says that Old Folk need to get Web Wise.  She rightly says that consumers are penalised for not buying goods and services online.  Many services are cheaper if you use online banking rather than the old fashioned paper methods such as sending a cheque.  It's also possible to shop around to get cheaper tariffs for gas and electricity.  Sometimes there are special rates if purchased from the website.  The article goes on to say "Esther is concerned that the over 65s are being left out of pocket by a culture that values the use of technology and penalises brand loyalty."


These are not the only ways that our older generations are missing out.  How many of us have a lovely Granny or Grandad...

9 tips that work well for learners in FE

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If you're a teacher in Further Education, you might be interested to see these points, which were taken from an LSDA Research report (Learning and Skills Development Agency) entitled “What works for learners 14-16”.  The results were drawn from case studies of provision in six further education colleges.  The research was conducted in 2004, but nothing has changed!

  1.  Being treated like adults, feeling valued and respected

  2. A learning environment which is different from school

  3. A learning environment which is free of intimidation and humiliation

  4. Practice, hands-on experience, having a go at things

  5. Constructive working relationships with their peers

  6. Building wider social relationships

  7. Working alone at their own pace, with friendly support

  8. Developing independence

  9. Learning more about the “outside world”


6 ways to cause disruption in your own classroom

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6 ways to cause disruption in your own classroom 

  1. Sigh and huff

  2. Use sarcastic language

  3. Shout across the room to gain attention

  4. Keep your scowl firmly in place

  5. Mention all the negatives and none of the positives

  6. Make empty threats of disciplinary action

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