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Six Simple Steps when working with Learners on the Autism Spectrum

Type: Subscription

Price: £32.50


Recorded live training video with powerpoint download included

In the session the Six Simple Steps When working with Learners with Autism, Laura Kerbey will draw back the curtain on what super successful teachers and support staff are doing right now to help their students flourish, thrive and grow.

Step 1 : Understand what it means to have autism

Step 2 : Communicate effectively with students who have autism

Step 3 : Overcome sensory difficulties

Step 4 : Remove barriers to learning

Step 5 : Create an autism friendly environment

Step 6 : Use positive behaviour management

Grab your notepad, press ‘play’ and learn from the expert.  You’ll gain ideas to use in class and you’ll be fired up to get straight back to your workplace and start implementing.

The training video is edited to 48 minutes.  It’s simple to ‘play’ and ‘pause’ whenever you wish, to work through the training at your own pace.   Watch the video and use your copy slides to work alongside and make notes.  

By purchasing this training you will have lifetime access to it.  After purchase you will receive confirmation and details how to access the full powerpoint and a link to the video.   



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