Get involved – join the Behaviour Expert Members Group

Got the hardest class this year?

You know that you can become more successful at behaviour management. (If other people can, you can, right?)

But sometimes it feels like an uphill struggle and you worry that your students will be disadvantaged because of it.

Enrolment to the Behaviour Expert Members Group is now open for you, and with pre-launch goodies to entice you to get involved.

Maybe you’ve been following Can Do Behaviour for a while and decided to find out what the Behaviour Expert Members Group was all about, maybe a colleague told you about it and you felt intrigued enough to click through and have a look.

Either way, you’re here because you want to make some positive changes. In this Behaviour Expert Members Group you can access powerful training, ask Hilary your questions, join live workshops and become part of a community of like-minded people.

Being a member brings many privileges and
It's only £20 / Year
Access to experts
Get connected with many experts in the areas of behaviour management, ADHD, Autism, PDA, Mental Health, Dyslexia, Emotional Resilience, etc.
You'll be supported to try some new strategies in your class each month, through connections with other members and as a follow up from the live sessions.
Private Forum
Within the private forum you'll have access to Hilary and the other experts, and not forgetting the other members who will support you in a safe environment. If you need feedback this is the place to ask.
New and existing programmes will be available for you at discounted prices and you will be first in line for all new offers. You’ll even be able to gain national qualifications in some of the courses.
To be a member £20/Year
What's Involved?
To be a member £20/Year
Just contact us on 01737 321179 to let us know what you need.