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In recent years there has been a shift in the teacher workforce – statistics show that 25% of new teachers leave the profession within 3 years of joining it.

This means that there is a constant demand for new staff, trained teams, specialisms and consultancy.

But worse than that, there are many highly qualified educators looking for a new direction, while still using the skills and knowledge for which they trained.

Would you like to run your own training programmes?  Are you unsure of the first steps to take, nervous of failure?

Still waiting for ‘the right time’?

Have you considered setting up a training business but you've not yet had the courage to go for it?

Maybe you get anxious that you won’t get any customers or that they won’t enjoy your sessions?

Perhaps you wonder if you will ever realise your dream…. especially if your confidence is low and you have no experience of running a small business.

I’ve been exactly where you are.  I think a lot of people feel this way, but that’s just the fear of the unknown and worrying about not being good enough.

But what if I told you that you can have my step by step support to set up your courses AND help to find your first clients?!

If you're working full time but you need to sort out the next phase of your life, you can plan this training into your life in small chunks - and never look back.

Work with ME PERSONALLY for 8 weeks to show you how to design, create, and fill your own training courses and programmes of study.

I’m Hilary Nunns and I started in 2010, and with one small contract quickly under my belt I was determined to make a difference and support my family. And here I am with…

*  More than a dozen training programmes which I run consistently throughout the year

*  Digital programmes produced and selling

*  Several accredited online/home study programmes produced and selling

*  Training topics created and delivered UK-wide (and international!)

And I could go on and on. I’ve received £ thousands by sharing what I know. And you could too.  Is this you?


Then here is exactly is the programme you need, because in it I’ll tell you how to begin creating and filling your training courses.

You’ll also have contact with me as mentor with your questions, and I can look over your materials so that you won’t feel you’re building this momentum alone.

If you’re up for making some serious life changes by crafting your own profitable training programmes, this is where you can discover just how you can do it.

How to set up your training business in 8 weeks

This superb 8 week programme is a BRAND NEW digital and live mentoring experience.

The training provides detailed and practical ways to learn a lot of fundamental points, including how to develop multiple courses and ways to create powerful and engaging training resources to keep each session fun and relevant.  You'll obviously need a time commitment but you can still work your usual job while learning what you need to know.

In the training I’ll also help you with many marketing strategies and explain how to use a variety of ways to
et your message ‘out there’.

Even if you’ve been in business as a trainer or coach for a while this training is a great motivator - everyone should be upgrading their skills on a regular basis and this programme will definitely give you new direction.

How does it work?

It’s like a complete course kit - I’ll use weekly online training to show you how to go from content to marketing in 8 weeks!

[*]   Weekly teaching broadcasts online – weekday evenings for around 45 minutes (which will be recorded if you need to catch up later)

[*]   Two Saturday sessions for open Q&A 

[*]   Weekly assignments to implement with my help

[*]   Downloadable worksheets to guide your thinking, support your creation process and aid implementation of the assignments.

[*]  Automatic membership of a closed group/forum to exchange ideas, gain support and meet like-minded people.

We’ll cover how to:

√  Be clear about who ideally should attend your course (who needs your help?)

√  Identify the promise that your training will deliver (clear outcomes)

√  Ensure you can fulfil the promise

√  Choose how long the course will last for? [ie half day/full day/twilight]

√  Craft engaging learning materials to make your sessions run with energy

√  Swipe and deploy my own templates and checklists to ensure consistency and quality

√  Make multiple products that sell

I’ll also explain how to:

**  Gain new leads on a regular basis

**  Promote your training using at least 5 marketing strategies

**  Create persuasive and ‘non pushy’ marketing  letters

**  Gain repeat business

You’ll have unlimited access to the course content which means you can revise and review whenever you need inspiration.

You’ll discover how to concentrate on the content and delivery to make sure your paying clients invite you back again and again.

We start on Saturday 4 March with an introductory live webinar to kick off the programme, and further dates/times will follow (registration link)

Your investment for this unique training is only £399


Join and pay before 5pm on 27 February 2017 and you’ll receive a discount of £79 = pay only £320

** Instalments now available - pay over three months! **

By the end of the 8 weeks, you will have:

**         a complete blueprint for your training business

**         at LEAST one course created and ready to go

**         pole position to enroll your first paying clients

By the end of this program you will have your training courses live, enrolling your first clients with the exact blueprints you need to attract a stream of paying clients.  You’ll also have everything you need to create additional training to ensure you can serve your clients with their every training need.

In fact you will recoup your investment from your first paying clients.

And if all this isn’t exciting enough, there are also 4 bonuses WORTH £345:

BONUS #1 – ATTENDANCE AT ONE OF MY TRAINING DAYS.  You have full access to my training plan and course materials, and you’ll be my guest in the audience, fully participating.    Value = £195

BONUS #2 - 30 MINUTE VIP CALL AT ANY STAGE, DURING THE TRAINING or UP TO TWO MONTHS AFTER COMPLETION (pre-booked)   We can meet via Skype or on the phone to discuss your particular programmes and I will guide you with the benefit of my experience and knowledge, specifically as it relates to YOUR training programmes.  This will help you to keep clarity of your focus and iron out any additional points or queries you may have.  Value = £75

BONUS #3 – BEHAVIOUR EXPERT ACADEMY.  You’ll receive unlimited access to all learning materials and recorded webinars from this membership group, which will help you to manage unwanted difficult attendees/learners but will also give you yet another design scheme for creating your own membership programme.   Value = £55

BONUS #4 – COPIES OF MY TWO FAVOURITE BUSINESS MARKETING BOOKS I’ll send you these books because out of all the books I’ve read (and I’ve read a few!) they have consistently been the most inspiring to me since I began my business. They provide practical examples of how to market your courses in many ways without a massive budget.  They are also so helpful to dip into during those times when your motivation has escaped you and you need a few ideas to get back on it.  Value = £20

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Here’s what people say about my training events:

Excellent training! Made the session so interesting with lots of participatory activities: Boston College

A fantastic mix of listening and interacting.  Waltham Forest College

This training was very useful. It was completely relevant to the work we do!” College of NE London

Brilliant practical advice of exactly what to do to help behaviour, and resources to back it up.  Great presenter, knowledgeable and engaging.”   Greenwich Community College

Hilary’s materials and resources were excellent and her teaching method was calm, supportive and very constructive.  Enjoyed it immensely.”  Coleg Llandrillo

“Thanks so much Hilary, we learned a ton!”  Seoul Foreign School, South Korea

So don’t wait any longer – get yourself enrolled

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Remember!  You can quickly recoup your investment in this training – and more! -  after your first training session.  Plus your access to these videos and materials will be there with you all the way to reinforce the process and give you oodles of guidance during your new adventures.

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