From Teacher to Trainer

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I remember in 2008 when the redundancies in my college were just about to influence my job.  More specifically, my post was being reduced to a 0.5 unless I could evidence reasons for keeping it full time.

It wasn’t the fault of the senior team, nor was it that I wasn’t doing my job well.  Like many others in the FE sector, cuts to funding entailed streamlining the service.

But it meant that I was now in a state of frenzy – as a lone parent of two children (and a mortgage) it was impossible to consider a 0.5 role.  The feeling of insecurity was enormous, and I needed to fight like an alley-cat to maintain my position.

Luckily I was able to make a strong case, we adjusted my workload (and by that I mean I took on a monumental amount of additional responsibilities) and things seemed better.  But were they?

A few...